The 2nd stage of the Two Colour Letňany Project follows on the successful first stage. Both stages meet demand for ecological living. New houses being currently under construction in Letňany will satisfy all those who prefer high standard and comfortable living and are aware of the future and the environment we are living in.

The 2nd stage includes 2 houses, each with 24 apartments. The houses have been designed as low-energy and high-standard structures allowing substantial financial savings. Implementing the Letňany housing project, our focus is on the most recent technologies and trends in housing sector. Beside top-quality fired bricks, featuring all constructions made by our company, we also use unrivalled triple-glassed plastic windows, dramatically reducing heat losses and saving energy needed for heating.

The basic component of our ecological and, at the same time, very comfortable houses is built-in air handling system with efficient heat recovery units, guaranteeing uniform ventilation of all apartments and also uniform heating of the entire interior space. Heat recovery units allow using heat of exhaust air for heating fresh air flowing into the interior, which means sizeable heat savings. In the 2nd project stage, a new system – inflowing air cooling in summer – has been added, which is a healthier option of cooling than air-conditioning, for instance.

A new component of the 2nd stage of the Two Colour Letňany Project is modular housing. Modular apartments can be bought as separate units and later merged into one housing unit using simple construction measures. Modular apartment can also be merged immediately and later divided into two separate apartments by simple modifications. The advantage of this housing concept is possibility of adjusting apartment layout in accordance with current needs of the owner. This concept can also bring financial revenues, if the owner decides to use only one apartment for some time and lease the other.

Owing to its location and up to date and extremely pleasant design, taking into account contemporary trends of ecological and affordable housing, the Two Colour Letňany Project is an ideal solution for all who prefer active living and quality of living matters to them. Families with children will be highly satisfied and appreciate a unique feature of this project: fenced green zone, where the children can play, at a safe distance from the street. Another advantage is quiet living environment in the district of Letňany, combined with good transport accessibility, and also vicinity of the Letňany forest park.

If you prefer smart living, for affordable price and in the neighbourhood of like-minded people, our apartments are the best choice for you. Think about future and give a new direction to your life. A new apartment is just the beginning…


Project schedule

Start of construction: 7/2013

Occupancy permit: 09/2014

Move in: 10/2014