How and where can I arrange an appointment with a sales representative?

On workdays between 8 am and 4.30 pm by dialling 227 355 277, 739 588 601, 739 588 621; or via the contact form on our website; alternatively, at our office at Bucharova 2641/14, 158 00 Prague 5 – ground floor of the Explora Jupiter building near the Nové Butovice metro station.

Can I make a non-binding reservation on a flat I choose? How can I reserve a flat?

Yes, it is possible. A non-binding reservation on a flat is free of charge and can be made by dialling 227 355 277, 739 588 601, 739 588 621; via the contact form on our website. This is followed by an appointment with our sales representative at our office and agreement on further steps.

Does Trigema arrange mortgage loans?

Trigema offers a choice of three cooperating banking institutions. Our partners are ČSOB, ČS and KB. You only need a proof of identity and a certificate of income to arrange a mortgage with any of our cooperating banks. Trigema furnishes the bank with all the other documents concerning the property to be purchased. We will also pay for the property price estimate. The precondition is that a mortgage is arranged with a bank branch office.

Can a foreigner and a corporate entity acquire a property?

Yes, they can. Pursuant to international treaties, foreigners may acquire properties intended for living in the Czech Republic without a limitation. Corporate entities may acquire properties in the Czech Republic only if their registered office is in the country.

What is a “Building Owner’s Declaration”?

By registering a “Building Owner’s Declaration” in the cadastre, the owner specifies the apartment and non-residential units within a building in compliance with the law. The owner then transfers the units established in this way to the new owners.

What is the procedure for cadastre registration and how long does it take?

Cadastre registration takes place based on submission of a proposal to register a purchase agreement. General administrative procedure terms apply to the cadastre registration process. It is typically concluded within 2 months in the Czech Republic.

When do I become a flat owner?

A buyer becomes a flat owner upon the registration of their purchase agreement in the cadastre, retrogressively as of the date of submitting the proposal to register the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is signed after the purchase price is paid.

What is a “Unit Owners’ Association” and how and why is it established?

A unit owners’ association (SVJ) is a special type of corporate entity that exists where a building contains at least five units owned at least by three different owners. It arises by law in case a third owner is registered in a building with at least five units.

Is membership in an SVJ voluntary or compulsory?

A unit owners’ association is compulsory; membership arises automatically for the third and any subsequent owner in a building with more than five units, upon the registration of their proprietary titles in the cadastre.

How is it with building management?

Trigema runs building management after the construction is completed and new owners move in so that starting to use the apartment building is trouble-free. The manager provides building cleaning, greenery maintenance, book-keeping, etc.

What is the warranty on new flats?

The ordinary warranty period is 24 months. Trigema insists on the quality of its flats, which is why we offer a superior warranty period of 36 months. The warranty period on flats starts upon handover for use; on shared spaces upon the issuance of a final approval.

How are potential complains going to be handled?

If there are any quality complaints, Trigema handles them without needless delay. A procedure for eliminating the defect is arranged with the owner. An important factor when dealing with quality complaints is that the defect be reported by the new owner immediately after discovery, and last but not least, cooperation with Trigema – providing access to the flat on agreed dates and times.