Buying an apartment

  • Apartment selection

    You can inform us about your interest in buying the apartment you have chosen by filling in the contact form in section Contacts by e-mail, telephone or personally (visit Trigema Sales Centre.

  • Oral booking

    We will book your apartment for you, based on your declared interest. The booking is not binding and will be agreed for three working days.

  • Booking Agreement (hereinafter: BA)

    If you decide to buy the apartment you have booked, as specified above, we will conclude the Booking Agreement with you. Effective time of the Booking Agreement is 14 days and you will have to pay cash advance amounting to 50,000 CZK (incl. VAT) at signing this Agreement. Otherwise, the apartment can be offered to another potential buyer. In case of your withdrawal from the Booking Agreement, cash advance you have paid will not be returned.

  • Agreement to conclude future purchase agreement (hereinafter: ACFA)

    This agreement shall be concluded during the booking period and includes all relevant data, i.e. subject of transfer, purchasing price and terms of payment, construction deadline, date of apartment handover, apartment modifications required by the customer and other prerequisites necessary for conclusion of the Purchase Agreement. 15 per cent of the total purchasing price shall be paid within 14 days after signing ACFA (advance payment will be deducted).

  • Standard and above-standard items, apartment changes required by the customer

    The customer can choose from a wide range of standard wall and floor tiling, doors and water taps. Above-standard furnishing items or changes required by the customer will be subject to extra charge. These changes can involve layout (change of partition wall location) surface (e.g. bathroom tiling) or interior furnishing (furnishing items, doors etc.).

  • Apartment handover and Purchase Agreement (PA)

    After handing over the occupancy permit the resident will pay the rest of the purchasing price and receive the apartment (keys) and sign the purchase agreement.

  • Registration in the real estate cadastre

    The purchase agreement will be submitted to relevant cadastre office by us. The ownership title will be transferred to you after registration of PA in the cadastre (legal effects as at the day of filing application for registration.

  • Guarantee, complaints

    The list of defects (if any) will be set up at apartment handover and Trigema is obliged to remove these defects within set remedy period. Later complaints will be dealt with by our complaint department. Apartment guarantee period is 36 months.

  • Setting up condominium and administration of the housel

    The condominium in any apartment house must be established by law. After final approval of the building, Trigema will assume its administration and invite constitutive meeting. The condominium will then elect its committee. The committee of authorized owner will decide on all matters associated with house administration, unless the condominium reserves the right to decide on these matters.

  • Costs of apartment ownership

    It is good to know that payment of the purchasing price is not the last expense of the apartment owner. Beside energy, waste disposal and other costs, the owner is also obliged to pay regular contributions for repairs of the house and real estate tax.