Architect´s opinion

The 2nd stage of the Colours of Letňany Project naturally follows on the philosophy of the 1st project stage. Mass shaping principles of the first stage, unrestrained and dynamic diffusion of two prismatic masses within a single project, have been slightly modified in the 2nd project stage. We use new shapes, however, with the composition that is – seemingly – similar to that in the 1st stage. Specific facade details of the houses in the 2nd project stage are slightly different and also innovative. Nevertheless, similar motives have been used and I also stick to the same principles - plain and simple shaping of the final mass of the house. Two Colour Letňany houses have everything you can expect from this kind of civil engineering structures: natural and human scale, clearly structured facades, balconies, loggias, terraces and large windows allowing much light into the interior. The colour design of the houses in the 2nd project stage follows on from the 1st stage, however, with slightly changed colour spectrum. As in the 1st stage, the most accentuated colour element will be glass railing, combined with subdued colour tones of plastered facades.

Apartment layouts are logical and clear and all apartments will have adequate level of amenities. Design of smaller one-room apartments situated next to larger apartments is a comparatively unique feature, allowing the apartments to be merged in future. This is an opportunity for potential owners to combine or lease individual apartments. The apartments have high technical and environmental standard owing to forced ventilation and heat recovery, thus guaranteeing interior air quality and also allowing its control, and also heat recovery frequently incorporated in the air handling unit now.

Each apartment in the house of the 2nd project stage will have own underground parking slot and cellar compartment. Most of them will be situated close to the apartments in above-ground storeys. In my view, human scale, proportions allowing good neighbour relations of the occupants as well as pleasant environment in everyday haste are the most essential features of these houses.

Ing. arch. Daniel Smitka
Project Architect